Mobilizing and Networking Watchmen and Intercessors Across the Globe.


The whole earth is going through series of changes. There is a Divine shift that is affecting every area of human  life and the global church. The church must have a global vision, come out of her limited perception into a prophetic perception because God himself is making it plain (Habakkuk 2:2-3).

The church has entered a season of “building for the future”. The future has been prophetically revealed, and it cannot be attained, unless there is pioneering work. It is important we receive the blueprint from the realm of the spirit, design and build it.

God want to create structures that will remove limitations. This new future is beyond our present structural capacity, it cannot help the various areas of development and growth God wants to bring. The church needs to go through times of shaping and structural preparations for capacity building. The Lord is revealing to us concepts of the new and right structures of the church. He is defining and positioning the primary apostolic grace and other gifts.

In this new season God is raising up apostolic and prophetic leaders who will carry the church through this period of transition, bring order and governmental understanding to His people. God is designing a new wine skin for His Church; and no one puts new wine into old wine skin. The wine would burst the  wine skin, spilling the wine and ruining the skin. New wine needs new wineskin” Mark 2:22. It is a new prototype of the church that is emerging.

God is looking for people who will become pioneers of this new church, and bring profound changes to the structure, vision, leadership, activities, training etc. In order for us to meet the challenges of the future, we cannot keep up the things as they are or the same set of activities and performance. God wants that his Kingdom progress, so He is always doing something new and different. He has to restructure our wine skin (capacities, mentalities, institutional structures etc), build our capacity to receive power, understanding, wisdom, authority, strength etc. to meet the challenges of the future.

We should adjust ourselves for change to progress and advance with God. In order to reach the future, we can not stay in the past. Our God is not satisfied with routine and blindness. He is creative, progressive and is responsible for advancement. The Church should seek positive change for the advancing of God’s kingdom.


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