Mobilizing and Networking Watchmen and Intercessors Across the Globe.

Watchman is there a word from the Lord?
                                                                  What are you seeing, what are you hearing?
We are watching at the gates of the church, the nations, times and seasons.
What is the season of the Lord now?
Intercessors and watchmen should be position and alert to God’s timetable; present when major changes are taking place in the earth to decree and declare his intent to change things “he changes the times and seasons; He remove kings and raises up kings” (Daniel 2;21).
What is the voice of God to you?
You must hear than you can say.  ‘Listen to the word of the Lord.This is what the Sovereign Lord says:(Ezekiel. 13:2-3)  Your ability to accurately access the word of the Lord with understanding and clear interpretation, depend on your perception; which is determine by your capacity to see and hear precisely within the context of God’s present season and his current agenda.
Is there a word from the Lord; watchmen on the walls?

What field are you watching? ( Matt 9:38).
Watch means to look out, to peer into the distance, to investigate, or get a new scope on something; to see an approaching danger and warn those endangered, to review and evaluate your household, assigned field or territory.
Ask the Lord to open your eyes so you watch for your future, your assigned territory, the church, the nation and times and season. Allow him to activate and mature the watchman anointing in you.  “Son of dust, I have appointed you as a watchman for Israel; whenever I send my people a warning, pass it on to them at once.( Ezekiel 3:17)

The Lord God has given me his words of wisdom so that I may know what I should say to all these weary ones. Morning by morning he wakens me and opens my understanding to his will. The Lord God has spoken to me, and I have listened; I do not rebel nor turn away. (Isaiah 50:4-5).

Let us migrate from just prophesying and move on to watching and standing in the gap; this will position us to come into partnership with God to fulfill his purpose in the earth.
Watchman what are you seeing, what are you hearing?
Accurate sight help as align with God’s dealing with the nations. (Jeremiah. 1:10-17) It is time to track the divine design of events unfolding in the church and the nations. There is a shifting from the old to the new; he is shaping us into his tool and he is giving us clear prophetic insight concerning his intention for the church and the nations. Make the shift and allow him to shape you.
Let our trumpet give a clear sound.

Awo Frank


Comments on: "Watchman, what are you seeing and hearing?" (2)

  1. Thank you Pastor Awo Frank..I am deeply resolve to follow his path and timing of this know what he is up to and why is his new assignment and move in this season and what he want me to know and do in this season.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are welcome, it is my prayer that these posts will be a blessing to many and motivate them to their God’s given assignment. Thanks for interacting with our post.


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