Mobilizing and Networking Watchmen and Intercessors Across the Globe.

Dear Watchmen,
There is a major shift taking place in the nations (Liberia). I heard the Lord say prepare for the shift and learn to manage the transition. The move of God does not operate outside a context. Isaiah 42:1-9 described the context in which God’s servant would operate. No nation or people exist outside of divine spiritual principle.
The laws in the earth has its limitation, it governs human activity in the earth. In the spiritual realms, the laws of the sovereign God operate over all through his divine principles.  You can not submit yourself to any spiritual environment if you don’t understand how it operates. It is important you position yourself in a place of understanding spiritually and physically as per your involvement in the transitional process of your nation.
God’s context helps us align to the season and feel the same burden. It harmonizes our operation, it helps us identify our platform of operation from which we are building and interacting with God`s purpose and it also enable us know God’s divine emphasis and God`s priority from his revelation. In the midst of the crisis, God is doing a new thing. We should not allow what is happening to our nation to limit our vision, let us catch the vision; migrate into a spiritual environment that has a mandate from God. The crisis in our nation now cannot dictate to our destiny, God has the final saying.
God is looking for a man, a people who are not dictated to by the present crisis of earth. (Isa 23:6; Mal 3:16) as we focus on God’s plan for Liberia we will shift to the prophetic destiny of this nation. The crisis should not shape our vision. What God is doing is bigger than what we see or hear. (Habakkuk 1:2-4). We should know and understand our environment; all of its conditions, circumstances and influences surrounding and affecting the development of God’s agenda. We should stand on our watch and look out for all those things that will try to hinder the different stages or steps of what God wants to advance or develop as we transition.
Watchman, what is your context of the present operation of God? It is important to recognize the season; it defines our context and operation. We must arise in the midst of the present environment. To arise in this context means; to take a new posture, a new mindset, to catch a vision of a new reality, to begin strategizing, clearing, planning a new season in God, it means to pray. Our understanding of this environment we have entered in this season is important, because the move of God in any generation determines the building of God’s people in the nations of the earth.

In the midst of the crisis
What are the factors that are driving our emphasis, what is the issue of God? Michael L.Hennen in the book “strategic prayer; applying the power of targeted prayer” co-author with Eddie Smith said, “In the spiritual realm Satan commonly employs both diversion and distraction. The effectiveness of his efforts depends upon the level of our vigilant. It’s important for intercessors to discern whether the obvious attack is focused on the true goal or is merely distraction or a diversion from a more important front.” It is imperative we know and understand our kaiors and those things God wants in place and set up this time. As intercessors and watchman we must be position and alert to influence the direction the church and nation with go in the next eighteen years. Many nations are going through major transitions, we should align with God. When he is about to brings changes to nations we must be there to partner with him.” He changes the time and season; he sets up kings and deposes them” (Daniel 2:21). Our prayer action must cooperate with God clearly proclaimed agenda.
When God is about to do a great thing the enemy release affliction, crisis of all type, challenges etc to distract us. It is time we be alert. Satan will always use diversion and distraction. The success of his effort depends on how vigilant we are in that warfare assignment. without vigilant Satan may come back with a counterattack. “With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying…. What must we keep in mind? We must keep in mind that to stand in the fight and to overcome we need to pray “all kind of prayer” indicating that we must be flexible, adjustable and varied in our prayer response to the enemy’s tactics. With constantly changing tactics from the enemy,our response must be careful and prophetic. We cannot respond properly unless we are alert and vigilant in the fight… A prophetic spirit in the governmental prayer warfare provides us with his valuable spiritual characteristic; the ability to be moved by the word of the Lord into varied and diverse strategies for the destruction of our spiritual foes and the seizing of an enduring victory” Dr. Noel woodroff.
Eccle 8:5-6 States understand the procedure of what is happening and come into alignment with God’s timing. The Lord said to Jeremiah chapter 25:8-13 that Israel would go into captivity. This was a hopeless Situation in the eyes of man, but God had another plan. In Chapter 32:6-15 God told Jeremiah to buy the land, because He God had plan one day they will return home. Jeremiah was present when God was changing History, and He partnered with God. He did not allow the prevailing situation of the nation to dictate to his action but what the Lord said. Jeremiah 32:8 “I knew that this was the word of the Lord”. The confusion,chaos,and crisis cannot stop God’s agenda and activities, so we need to move when he moves.
He is looking for a man, a people, a generation. He is looking not outside the system, but someone in the system that is subject to the same situation, challenges, crisis etc but their motivation is from a different source. Daniel is a perfect example; he was not influenced by the changes that took place around him. He maintains his standard and continue to deal with his God as usual. (Daniel 6:5, 10-11) We have to be alert to the Lord, because in the midst of the crisis, he is bringing us into a season of preservation. A season of rising into strategic warfare; where we place values and extreme agency to the execution of God’s agenda. Crisis is not an issue, but sees it as an opportunity for God to manifest. He is Sovereign. Our prayer should be informed by our understanding of our prophetic destiny as a person, family, nation, etc.
Crisis is an environment of opportunity because God is in the midst of the crisis. Satan should not be allowed to short-circuit, abort or get around what God is doing. He tried to do the same with Jesus in the wilderness, but Jesus was informed, he kept saying, “it is written” Matthew 4:8-10. It is the movement of God in the crisis that we should track and allow to define our prayer agenda, not the circumstances.

May the Lord give us listening ears and seeing eyes, please share this with others.


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