Mobilizing and Networking Watchmen and Intercessors Across the Globe.

Daniel 2:1 -38
There are magician, enchanter, sorcerer and astrologers, these are all different dimension of occultic realms operating and manipulating your dreams. Learn how to decode and destroy their operations and manipulations coming against your dreams. They are being summoned by world rulers to expose God’s operation in the lives of God’s people. They are standing before leaders.

Our dreams are troubling to them and they want to overcome it. They want to know and understand its meaning. Pray that the God of heaven will withhold it from them; resulting into the destruction of their inheritance, lives, honor, gifts, rewards, positions before their leaders. Let no time be given them; let all their sources of power, information, connection, revelation be cut off. Let their council be turned to confusion and foolishness vss9-11. May their destruction be ordered; let their leaders become angry with them; let there be no understanding among them. Vss12-13
Create the situation where your people and your sons will be sought after for the solution; give them wisdom, understanding, interpretation oh God to perplexing situation facing world leaders. Give your people favor and access to information, insight, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, timing, interpretation to confusing situation of world events and crisis. Lord shows us how to return to our home, kingdom community, company of partners, intercessors, prophets etc. to network in accomplishing your purpose. Give grace to connect and activate those that need to join in this assignment. Let the spirit of agreement reign in our midst to carry out this task of acquiring insight, understanding, wisdom, revelation in solving problems of world leaders.vss14-23
Oh Lord Reveal your mind about this matter,( the presence season in the earth) that your name be glorified. Let your sovereignty be established in the hearts of your people. May you activate the Joseph, Esther, Deborah, Moses, David, Daniel etc dimension over your people to bring counsel and governance. Ps 105:16-38.


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