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Two years ago the Lord give us a command, “Raise the Platform for Kingdom Invasion and Advancement” and “Engage your Spiritual Territory to Extend your Boundaries.”  This article was written to reflect on and share what we have received from the Lord, creating the awareness of what God wants to do in our lives in the next few years.  We are in a season of many distracting situations, so we have to consciously track our movement towards God’s declared prophetic word given to us 2014 to guide and manage our building process, as the weight of darkness is increasing in the earth.

He is building our capacity to carry out his assignments in the midst of the increasing darkness that is coming on the earth. We have to pursue our development in God. Consciously engage our assigned territories in the midst of our personal struggles and challenges to rise above the crisis.


A command from God is able to produce an outward manifestation and bring transformation to the one who is engaged in carrying out the word. I hear the Lord says, “raise the platform for kingdom invasion and advancement”. His prophetic command is, “engage your spiritual territory to extend your boundariesPartner with me says the Lord (Isaiah 54:1-3). We must get the architectural design for our platform to accurately build it; it is imperative. We also need to identify our strategic pillars which are important to the firm upholding of our platforms.

The strength and capacity of our platforms and pillars determine how much kingdom weight we are able to carry. When our platforms are raised, it enhances how we interact with God concerning his invasion and advancement of his kingdom.
We have been on a journeying with Him since 2014 and his prophetic command is our architectural blue print. To succeed on this journey, we must corporate with Him to continue the process of bringing us to a clean sense of mission, destiny, identity; an accurate understanding and awareness of His purpose.

Several phases of our journey in God have ended, each of us know how much have gone into our pillars and platforms. Many have receive strength and capacity along this journey. He is unfolding  new phases of our journey; we need to hear Him speak; the-destiny-of-my-spiritual-life-is-such-identification-with-christ-that-i-always-hear-him-and-i-know-he-always-hear-meto receive our road map for this journey, especially for those who have not started their process as it relates to these prophetic words.
We must ask Him to give us “ears that hear and eyes that see” (Proverb 20:12)…. seeing-eyes

He waken me morning by morning, wakens my ears to listen like one being taught, the Sovereign Lord has open my ears and I have not been rebellious, I have not drawn back. (Isaiah 50:2-5)


Now that we are on this journey, we are still  hearing the voice of him sounding “Raise your platform for kingdom invasion and advancement and the prophetic command, “Engage your spiritual territory to expand your boundaries.” These are the icons we must click on to open more spiritual resources that are needed to bring us to that place of maturity and partnership with God. These icons have charted our course into 2014 and is doing so into the future.
As we have watched into the future, watching-into-2014-2017we stand in the reality of  2016 and we take the posture of  continuing our journey with God into the future. We position ourselves to allow his voice to shape us, this time into His platform upon which He will invade our earth, our world to advance His kingdom. He is redefining who we are, He is building strength, endurance, clarity, insight,  confidence, greater authority, son ship, etc., into our identity.

Now that we are in 2016, let us look back at our journey, how far have we come since 2014?


What pillars have we built?

How stable is our platform?

Can God stand on it to evade our world?

Have we raise the pillars of strength, love, faith, endurance, clarity, prayer, integrity, greater authority etc.?

Have we engage our territories, are our boundaries expanded?

It is important to start tracking God and make the necessary adjustment. We should continue to position ourselves to receive instruction and the unfolding of his prophetic assignment, “Raise your platform for kingdom invasion and advancement”, and his prophetic command, “Engage your spiritual territory to expand your boundaries.”

As we watch individually into the future, let us network to set a Global and National Prophetic Watch for 2016 and beyond.


Comments on: "REFLECTION ON 2014 PROPHETIC WORD" (4)

  1. Thank You so much Pastor Awo..I am sincerely focusing on building my pillars..I know that I am way far behind, that is the reason why I have been having series of dreams about taking and failing tests miserably, but thanks be to God that I am focusing on building my pillars now and I know that God will help me to accomplished that in this season…But there is something that I want to share with you..a rhema word that I received from Pastor Paula-White Cain today..She said that God give her a word that most Christian are Navigating into the Promised Land, but God asked her to ask Christian whether they are navigating with a compass or a Map..according to this rhema word, if we are traveling with a map, we will want to be stiff necked to a particular direction, but if we are traveling with a compass, we will be dependent on God’s directions and instructions..I think in this prophetic word and plan of ours from you, we need to drop the map and pick up the compass..

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  2. Yes Jonathan, sometimes I wonder how people define their movements in God. If we exist because of him, (Gal 2:20) then who is leading us daily? We must learn the rhythm of the spirit and move with him. Our compass is the Holy Spirit and he uses the Word of God( our map) to guide us

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    • So True..I was thinking on that word the entire night…Just imagine this, we have a map, the word of God showing us the direction to get to the promised Land, but perhaps we don’t know what the enemy has set up in ambush along the way, and we don’t have the eye to see, so God uses the compass, the holy spirit to instruct us to take a detour from the original direction, which is his will and way to save us from the enemy plan that lies ahead of we need both, the combination of the map and the compass…

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      • Yes we need both not only to detour from satanic path, but to give us direction on God’s charted course for our destiny. The word says, “in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.” Col. 3:16 says “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly…”

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