Mobilizing and Networking Watchmen and Intercessors Across the Globe.


I am Awo Frank, a minister of the Gospel, a widow, a mother with seven children, mentor, trainer, an intercessor, teacher, coach, net worker, I am not a writer but I love to write. I am learning the skills of writing because I have a mandate to build an apostolic, prophetic, and an intercessory platforms in the hearts of people. I want through my writing to bring them into God’s present truth, into His place in the earth, to advance God’s Kingdom and exalt Christ as our reigning and soon coming king. It is my hope that these posts will minister, activate, motivate you, meet your needs and allow you to migrate with God as He advances His kingdom in the earth (Matthew 11:2, Luke 16:16). I also want to network with people of like passions and to receive comments from my readers to know how much these posts are meeting their needs.

I  desire to motivate, activate and build this generation to rise into strategic leadership position and influence in their respective realm of functionality within the systems of the nations, teaching them to apply kingdom principles and values; placing urgency to fulfilling kingdom agenda in their time. (Acts 13:36).


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