Mobilizing and Networking Watchmen and Intercessors Across the Globe.

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What is the Believers Prayer Movement



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The Believers Prayer Movement is an assignment of the National Intercessory Network which is a sector of the Kingdom Glory Ministries International. The KGMI is an apostolic prophetic intercessory platform of building, raising the foundations of many generations; making ready a people for his coming; preparing the way of the Lord; declaring the kingdom of God and his present truth. Upon this platform, we sound a clarion call to all watchmen and intercessor, alerting them to the need of synchronizing their sound and prayer agenda with God’s present declared intent.


It is a platform  of training, teaching, mentoring, activation and motivation.
What is The Believers Prayer Movement
global-prayer-network The Believers Prayer Movement is not a massive prayer gathering, but a gathering of personal and group prayers on a massive scale networking across the globe, synchronizing their sound and prayer agenda with God’s present declared intent (Isaiah 62:1,6,7). It is not prayer by a local church or an organization. It is prayer and intercession for the nations and church by the collective efforts of every believer in his or her area of influence or sphere of assignment and location.

They see themselves as God’s kingdom enforcers on earth and territorial occupants (Matthew 6:10; 16:18-19)  taking responsibility to execute prayers outside the walls of the church building into the spheres of the earth and their assigned territories, through their lifestyle, mentality and prayer.


“Take The Land”


We seek to shift and shape the prayer emphasis to the dominion mandate; breaking out off the four walls of the church building, releasing prayer into the spheres of the earth and assigned territories. Raising gatekeepers,watchmen, and territorial occupants, mobilizing and networking watchmen and intercessors across the globe to gain territorial influence and occupation. (Genesis 1:26, 28; Revelations 11:15)

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